Striving to promote healing and wholeness in all aspects of life

bannerMedical Mission Sisters are women full of passion — for wholeness, for justice, for life. In a world with so much suffering, pain — and potential — we strive to promote healing and wholeness in all aspects of life.

Our Community of dedicated women with almost 550 Canonical members and 100 Associates, from 22 nations, share one mission: "To be a healing presence at the heart of a wounded world." We live this mission today in 17 countries on five continents, among people made poor, among those who have limited or no access to health care, and among those unjustly treated or oppressed.

Medical Mission Sisters, of Roman Catholic affiliation — first group of Catholic Sisters to be engaged in the full range of professional medical work — was founded in 1925 in Washington, DC by Austrian-born Anna Dengel, MD, in response to the great suffering she saw among mothers and children in what was is currently Pakistan in the early 1920s. Customs did not allow these women to be seen by male doctors, resulting in thousands dying of preventable conditions and diseases. As the times and needs evolved, so did our focus in mission — from hospital-based to community-based, to complementary and holistic health care. Realizing that healthy people cannot live on an unhealthy planet, today we also advocate and work for the health of the Earth and for a just sharing of the limited resources in our world.

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Above: Sisters at work around the shop